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Entrant 2019

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Social Work

   A social worker is a sociologist, social psychologist and manager who works with people; social educator and social consultant; mediator between the state, business and society; a conflict scientist who is able to negotiate, consult, assist in the management of conflict situations; an expert on the social problems of individuals and different groups, able to protect their rights and interests; specialist in the planning and implementation of social services in state and non-governmental organizations.

   Specialization: management in social work.

   Advantages of studying in the field of preparation “Social work”:

   - high level of professional knowledge;

   - vocational training and possible employment at leading enterprises of the city and region;

   - planning and implementation of social services in state and non-governmental organizations;

   - professional competence and professional ethics;

   - ability to apply the latest information and communication technologies.

   Work place:

  • in the public sphere: social organizations and services (social support services, employment services, state pension funds, rehabilitation, crisis and counseling centers);
  • in state structures that carry out, in addition to their main activity, social work with certain groups of the population (in health care institutions and penitentiary institutions, the army, in the health care system, education, etc.);
  • in non-state sphere (public and charitable foundations, social and human resources departments);
  • charitable organizations providing social services;
  • at enterprises – in personnel management services and organization of social package;
  • in institutions and institutions of public-political organizations and parties, in centers of public opinion polling, etc.

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