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Student Science

The Student Scientific Society (hereinafter – SSS) of Kremenchuk Institute of Dnipropetrovsk Alfred Nobel University is a voluntary non-profit scientific and social organization of students. The SSS works to realize the students’ creative scientific potential and to participate in the implementation of research works, programmes performed at the Institute, as well as to carry out scientific, educational, cultural and educative, and creative activities.

The SSS activities are carried out in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, the constituent and programme documents, orders of the director, the decisions of the Academic Council.

The basic principle of the SSS management is the collegiality of decision making with personal responsibility for their implementation. The election of the SSS Council is carried out at the final reporting and election conference of the SSS members through open voting.

Official address of the SSS: 39600, Ukraine, Kremenchuk, Prospekt Svobody, 79.

Structure of the student scientific society

The SSS is the only coordination center of the student scientific organisations in the institute, created on a representative principle from basic structural units – student scientific circles of departments.

The student science society is headed directly by the scientific curator of SSS from the staff of the scientific and pedagogical staff of the institute, who is appointed by the decision of the Academic Council and reports to the director. The Scientific Curator of SSS oversees the work of the SSS Council, chaired by the SSS Chairman.

The SSS Council is the supreme collegiate body of governing the organization, created for the purpose of parity representation of the student scientific circles.

The SSS Council, in turn, coordinates the work of the student scientific circles of the departments, which are as close as possible to the asset of the student-scientists.

The main scientific centers are scientific circles at the departments.



The main purpose of the SSS is to deepen scientific knowledge, comprehensive promotion of students’ scientific, inventive and other creative activities, the development of each student and young scientist of their abilities and their realization.


- activation of different types of search, research activities of students in order to ensure the most profound and complete mastery of the chosen specialty, the formation of skills of independent research and creative approach to solving topical scientific, practical and theoretical problems;

- search and support of talented researchers among students, providing them with comprehensive assistance;

- ensuring and protecting the rights and interests of students, in particular regarding the organization of educational process and scientific work;

- facilitating the preparation of publications and the implementation of their results in the practice of scientific development of students;

- holding scientific conferences, readings, seminars, round tables, etc. among students and young scientists;

- students’ experience acquisition in organizing and participating in research work, scientific discussions, conferences, seminars;

- participation of students in international, all-Ukrainian, interregional, regional and other student competitions, conferences, competitions;

- popularization of scientific activity in student circles;

- ensuring the circulation of scientific and organizational information;

- coordination of activities of student scientific circles;

- implementation of other types of organizational and scientific activities that do not contradict the purpose of the SSS creation.

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