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Entrant 2019

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Research Activitiy

Research activities at the Institute have being carried out according to the scientific comprehensive topic, department activity plans and individual plans of the lecturers. Results of the work have been summed up at the department meetings and have been reported at the Directorate.

Since 2013 under the control of P. Sokurenko, the Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, the stuff has been carrying the research work on the complex topic “Theoretical and methodological principles of regional economy development in the conditions of social partnership”. Research results on the topic:

  • publications in 9 collective monographs (including 3 individual ones);

  • 6 articles in foreign printed issues;
  • 115 articles in domestic professional editions and publications, registered in scientific databases;
  • 156 theses of reports published in the collections of international and Ukrainian scientific-practical conferences;
  • 23 theses of reports published in collections of international foreign conferences;
  • 1 doctoral dissertation defended in the specialty 08.00.08 – Money, Finance and Credit and 1 candidate's dissertation on specialty 08.00.04 – Economics and Management of Enterprises (by types of economic activity), the topics of which are related to the research theme of the institute;
  • 1 candidate's dissertation defended in the specialty 13.00.04 – Theory and Methodology of Vocational Education;


The results of the research work are used by the stuff of the Kremenchuk Institute of Alfred Nobel University in the process of preparation and publication of teaching aids. So, in 2015, 2 textbooks, the authors of which are P. Sokurenko and A. Samodrin, were published.

XIII international scientific and practical conferences of postgraduates, young scientists and researches “Problems and Prospects of Economic Development of the Region” have been held.

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