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Entrant 2019

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Programming Courses

Dear friends! Let us invite you to learn or improve your own level of knowledge in the field of WEB-programming for courses, which will be held at the Kremenchug Institute of Higher Education "Alfred Nobel University".

In our city there are several leading companies in the field of WEB-programming, which from time to time conduct master classes and trainings, under the guidance of practitioners, solving practical problems.

That is why practicing experts in the field of WEB technologies are invited to take our courses in the basics of WEB programming. Their experience has led to the development of a three-level program of courses, each consisting of 74 hours.

Each level contains a list of practical questions, at the end of which the students complete a test task to advance to the next level.

As a result of completing the full training course, each student will complete a real project that will be added to our portfolio of works.

 The best project will receive a valuable prize - a tablet!

 Classes will be held 4 times a month on weekends or in the afternoon during the week at: Kremenchuk, 79 Svobody Svobody aud. 1104

 The schedule will be based on the number of listeners.

 To register for the course, please fill out a form on the site.

 For more information, contact 098 150 9783 Alexander






 Download the contract (print in duplicate) and the application for the registration and signature





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