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General Info about ISO

The ISO 9001 Standard is one of the models of management of the organization's activities to ensure its effectiveness.

The ISO 9001 requirements are general in nature and do not provide uniformity of the structure of quality management systems or uniformity of the documentation, as they are applicable to the activities of any organization, regardless of the type, size and production (services provided).

The text of ISO 9001 does not contain requirements for other management systems (environmental management, safety and labor protection, financial management), but allows an organization to integrate its quality management system with the relevant requirements of the overall management system.

The application of ISO 9001 approaches in the enterprise management system helps to solve many internal and external issues:

  • to improve the quality of products and services, thus increasing the satisfaction of their customers;
  • to become competitive on the domestic and foreign markets;
  • to sell products at world prices;
  • to establish cooperation with foreign partners (in particular, to get investments);
  • to get advantages over competitors in the tendering process;
  • to ensure transparency and ease of organization management;
  • to introduce a mechanism for continuous improvement of the management system and increase the efficiency of the staff at all levels.

The internal results that an organization gains from the introduction of a quality management system directly depends on the efforts that it is making to improve its performance. The organization gets the external benefits having certified its quality control system by an independent certification body.

The basis of standards for quality management system is the formation of eight principles:

  • customer orientation
  • leadership
  • involvement of employees
  • process approach
  • system approach to management
  • continuous improvement
  • decision making based on facts
  • mutually beneficial relations with suppliers


Family of International Standards ISO 9000:

  • ISO 9000: 2005 - Quality management systems – Basic provisions and vocabulary.
  • ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 9001: 2008 – Quality management systems – Requirements. (until 15.11.2010, the “old” and “new” versions of the standard operate in parallel. Since November 15, 2009, certification is carried out only under the “new” version of the 2008 standard).
  • ISO 9004: 2009 – Management to maintain the organization's success – approach to quality management.

In Ukraine, the standards of DSTU ISO 9000: 2007, DSTU ISO 9001-2001 and DSTU ISO 9001: 2009, DSTU ISO 9004-2001 are accepted as national, by identical translation of international standards.

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