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Entrant 2019

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    “Translation” is one of the main specialties in the field of professional training in Philology. Within it, theoretical and practical aspects of intercultural and interlingual communication are studied. The rapid pace of economic development in Ukraine and in our region, in particular, requires highly skilled business professionals who need to be fluent in foreign languages to ensure effective business activity.

   The specialty of “Translation” forms the systemic knowledge of two foreign languages, which are vital to find a decent place in the labour market.

   The specialist, who is proficient in two foreign languages and the basics of economic knowledge, successfully provides interlingual and intercultural mediation between the representatives of partner countries and can independently perform the professional duties of a public relations specialist and the duties of a translator and a translator in economic structures.

   A specialist who is proficient in two foreign languages and bases of economic knowledge can communicate directly with representatives of other countries, which ensures prompt and reliable information interaction between partners.

   A specialist of this level can:

   - to act as a mediator in the interlingual and intercultural communication of business partners;

   - translate and interpret;

   - translate scientific and technical literature;

   - to provide organization and support of information services of international character;

   - to teach foreign languages in secondary and higher education institutions;

   - train adults, provide other educational services and more.

   The referent-translator from two foreign languages works in the following positions:

   - Head of translation department;

   - Manager of advertising and public relations unit;

- Teacher (Assistant) of higher education institution;

- Guide-Translator;

- Translation Editor, Translator-Consultant;

- Foreign Correspondent, Translator at international conferences, etc.

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