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Entrant 2019

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Professional Advancement

Professional Advancement is the most optimal variant for those who want to work but have not had a proper qualification yet. Professional Advancement Training Courses prepare students who immediately find work and successfully use the knowledge gained in practice.

Based on the decision of the Tender Committee of the Poltava and Kirovohrad employment centers, Professional Advancement Centre that is a structural unit of the Kremenchuk Institute of Higher Educational Establishment “Alfred Nobel University” carries out training of the unemployed for the programs of professional development at the expense of budgetary funds allocated by employment centers.

The aim of the courses is to provide educational services to the general population. Leading specialists of the Institute, as well as practitioners, are involved in the educational process. Preparation is based on secondary, secondary professional and higher education in the following areas:


on monthly courses:


Innovative technologies in accounting and taxation – the 2nd level of higher education

5771.93 UAH (five thousand seven hundred seventy one UAH, 93 kopeks)

Innovative marketing technologies – the 2nd level of higher education

3710.93 UAH (three thousand seven hundred ten UAH, 93 kopeks)

Organization of integrated social services activity – the 2nd level of higher education

7147.18 UAH (Seven thousand one hundred and forty seven UAH, 18 kopecks)


on two-weeks courses:


Entrepreneurship. Own business in Ukraine – the 2nd level of higher education

2885.87 UAH (two thousand eight hundred eighty five UAH, 87 kopeks)

Budgeting at a modern enterprise – the 2nd level of higher education

2989.77 UAH (two thousand nine hundred eighty nine UAH, 77 kopecks)

Social entrepreneurship – the 2nd level of higher education

  1. 66 UAH (three thousand four hundred ninety three UAH, 66 kopecks)

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