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Association of Graduates

The Institute is proud of its graduates who make a significant contribution to the development of Kremenchuk and Ukraine, and their success and achievements in professional activity increase the prestige of the Alma mater.

During twenty years of its activity the Kremenchug Institute of Alfred Nobel University has prepared more than 10 thousand highly skilled specialists – bachelors, specialists. For organization and support of feedback of graduates of the Institute and current students, the Institute held a constituent conference of the Association of Graduates of the Institute on November 17, 2011.

It was attended by representatives of the teaching staff, university staff who directly head, work with graduates in the departments, or graduates of our Institute. The graduates of past years who have been actively supporting the university for a long time were invited.

The efficiency of the Institute’s Graduates Association depends entirely on the support and participation of the teaching staff, the Institute’s workers and graduates.

The main aim of the Graduates Association

is strengthening corporate culture through the development of cooperation between the Institute and graduates, as well as increasing the participation of graduates in projects of social significance for the University, traditional events.

The Association is a voluntary organization that brings together graduates, students, staff, and other interested specialists to implement the goals and objectives of the “Graduates Association Provisions”.

The purpose of the Association’s activity is to protect the legitimate social and other general interests of its members, namely:

- cohesiveness around the Institute (Departments) of the like-minded people to provide scientific, advisory support, as well as to meet the professional interests of graduates and improve their qualifications;

- promotion of employment and qualification of graduates of the Institute;

- image support and presentation of the Institute (Departments), using the achievements of graduates for the development of the educational process and material and technical base of the Institute;

- conducting scientific-practical conferences, cultural events, meetings of graduates, providing assistance to veterans of the Institute (Departments);

- strengthening of partnership relations between the members of the Association, both within Ukraine and abroad;

- promotion of professional orientation and selection of talented creative youth for admission to the Institute;

- assistance in creating conditions for the harmonious development of student personalities and student self-government;

- development of the Association relations with other educational establishments;

- assistance in improving the content of education, quality and efficiency of specialists training;

- continuity support in the development of the Institute (Department).

The tasks of the Association are:

  • creation and expansion of stable links between graduates and the Institute;
  • assistance in employment of graduates of the Institute;
  • assistance in recruitment and training of the necessary personnel for the needs of graduates;
  • promotion of stable feedback of graduates with the department for the purpose of prompt response to modern requirements of enterprises to specialists;
  • creation of data bank and monitoring of professional achievements of graduates of the department.

Planned events of the Association:

  • Annual Congress of Graduates (November 17 – Student's Day);
  • informing about new career opportunities, about new needs in staff;
  • unofficial meetings (to talk about things that are topical for graduates);
  • -creation of the electronic base “Department Graduates”.

We invite all the graduates to join “The Association of Graduates” of the Kremenchug Institute of Higher Educational Establishment “Alfred Nobel University”!

Your support, participation in the work of the Association is a demonstration of your noble intentions and friendly feelings to the Institute, which is the guarantor of the preservation and continuation of Institute traditions and communication of generations.

We ask you, dear graduates, to support our initiative and to contact the Career and Practice Center on the issues of joining the Graduates Association and further participation in its work.

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