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Entrant 2019

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Applicant Requirements

Research on this topic was conducted by the Career and Practice Center of the Institute.

Requirements for young specialists do not change – higher education, language, profile specialization. But if earlier the main trump card was work experience gained during the study, now no less important role belongs to the personal qualities of candidates. Companies seek to grow a specialist themselves, and an important criterion is the psychological compatibility of a candidate with a corporate culture.

According to the research of the Career and Practice Center of the Kremenchuk Institute of Alfred Nobel University, necessary for employers candidates qualities are now distributed in the following way: 36% – corporate identity, ability to work in a team; about 18% – creativity, the ability of a person to perceive a new one, quickly remove the unnecessary, to generate ideas; 16% – skills, ability to perform a specific job; and, finally, 30% – knowledge.

In fact, there is only one condition for a young specialist without a job experience at work – to have a good development potential. This tendency is predetermined by a sharp shortage of skilled personnel and is now becoming more relevant.

Personnel departments specialists unanimously state that the first condition for hiring in the company is a clear awareness of professional orientation and a desire to work efficiently. A young specialist should decide what job he wants to get.

Among the requirements that job applicants face the most frequently we should mention the following:

  • a diploma of a prestigious university, a good basic education;
  • good mastering of English;
  • analytical abilities;
  • knowledge of computer technologies;
  • ability to express the ideas in written form;
  • possession of different techniques and methods;
  • knowledge of the basic principles of the organization, the situation on the market, trends in the development of sectors of the economy.

Among other requirements that the employer brings to the contemporary young professionals is responsibility, commitment, goal orientation, teamwork, readiness to learn and develop.

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