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Entrant 2019

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You always want a new job search to be fast and successful.

Agree, the job search is a kind of lottery. It’s hard to predict what a potential employer might dislike. Often the choice of the interviewer remains a mystery to the interlocutor.

How many times have you found yourself answering all the questions, and your experience, knowledge and qualities are perfect for this position, but alas, ah! Quite an unexpected place went to the competitor-seeker, and one that, in your opinion, loses you by all indicators.

Why doesn’t it take so long to get a job? There may be several reasons.


If you have not been interviewed, you should not despair and claim that the black strip of your life has come. Many of us have our hands lowered after another setback, but look at the other side: the more interviews you have, the more likely you are to find a job that really works for you.

And to increase your chances, don’t limit yourself to a couple of faxes or e-mails. Your letter may be lost among a stack of other papers. Feel free to call the agency to find out if they received your message. I also advise you to take part in various job fairs, sign up for employment sites and employment services, as well as just chat with your friends (very often you can find a job with their help). The main thing is to act!


Successful employment is often hindered by unsystematicity. As with any major project, you need to develop a strategy and tactics for your actions. How best to write a resume? Will you be able to do it yourself or should you seek professional advice? Which search method will be most effective?

Do you need to take any additional courses? Think about the goals and objectives you want to achieve, and then start creating a step-by-step plan.


When looking for a job, the main thing is to find the right balance between what you can do and what you can get for it. Unfortunately, very often seekers go to extremes. Some students underestimate their abilities and are ready to grasp the first-best offer. Surely you know smart and talented people who work, to put it mildly, out of place …

Try to avoid phrases like “I don't know” and “I can’t” at the interview. Use the wording with the plus sign: “I think I can handle”, “I’ll learn quickly”, “I’ll do my best”, etc.

Focus the recruiting manager’s attention on your positive qualities, lightly shadowing what you are not strong at (if asked at all). Believe me, this will give you a much better chance of getting a good job.

Unprepared for an interview

Of course, you do not need to memorize your speech when standing in front of a mirror. But to look at the information about the organization you are going to, to think about what you would like to ask your employer or potential colleagues, is simply necessary. Depending on what position you are applying for, you can predict the questions they are asked and plan your answers in advance.

Check out the online clothing and behavior guidelines for meetings like this, and get yourself mentally fit. You should not go for an interview thinking that your whole life depends on it.

Treat yourself calmly to future negotiations. If you become a recruiter as an interesting interlocutor and like-minded person, then he will give you an appropriate impression.

And vice versa: if you worry and think that you are going to be caught or humiliated, then it won’t be positively perceived by personnel inspector.

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