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Entrant 2019

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Department of Economic Design and Social Work

Economic Planning and Social Work Department prepares specialists in the areas of Economics of Enterprise, Marketing, Social Work in accordance with the license and accreditation certificates.


The department is headed by Valentyn Hryhorovych Hnoievyi, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor.

The teaching staff of the department is represented by teachers with considerable theoretical and practical experience, who have the methodology and theory of economic relations, as well as the methodology of practical application of the material taught in accordance with the curriculum in each of the presented areas.

Future specialists in the field of Economics of Enterprise study the disciplines of economic and managerial profile, which allows them to work in any company regardless of their field of activity (planning, economic, production, technical, project departments; marketing, power engineer, chief mechanic and other structural units).

Graduates in the field of Marketing are able to handle the full range of marketing challenges facing businesses and organizations, and can take on the role of marketing research specialist, logistics and commodity pricing specialist, marketing analysis and planning specialist, advertising and specialist in Marketing and PR, brand manager and more.

Applicants who choose Social Work receive a knowledge set that allows them to perform the work of a social psychologist and a manager who facilitates work with people; social educator and social consultant; a conflict scientist who is able to negotiate, carry out consultative activities, facilitate conflict resolution; an expert on the social problems of individuals and different groups able to protect their rights and interests; specialist in planning and implementation of social services in state and non-governmental organizations.

In the process of training future specialists, considerable attention is paid to the formation of skills of independent work with information sources. Every year, the amount of information on the Internet increases at times, so each of us faces the problem of more careful selection of information in terms of its compliance with the set goals and effective use in further work. The acquisition of appropriate skills requires the students to have a deeper understanding of the tasks, assists to form their own point of view on solving the problem, allows you to master the elements of a critical approach to the assessment of incoming information flows.

The ultimate goal of the teaching staff of the Department of Economic Design and Social Work is not only to train qualified professionals in the relevant fields, who are able to solve the economic and social problems facing state organizations, business structures and social institutions. The staff of the department creates all the necessary conditions for the disclosure and recognition of the natural talents of our applicants. In an atmosphere of mutual respect, creative freedom and impartiality, we promote to transform them into extraordinary and bright personalities who will always find their way in life and take a worthy place in the society of the future.

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