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Entrant 2019

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The Department of International Economic Relations, Administration and Language Training

The Department of International Economic Relations, Administration and Language Training takes a leading position on specialties:

- 071 Accounting and Taxation;

- 072 Finance, Banking and Insurance;

- 292 International Economic Relations;

- 035 Philology.

The department is headed by Yuliia Zavoloka, the Candidate of Economic Sciences, Docent.

In the process of a modern specialist training, the scientific and pedagogical staff of the department pays attention to the most acute social problems of the present day, adherence to the principles of universal humanity, justice, patriotism, political moderation and increase of social activity of the students.

The strategic directions of the department's activity are ensuring the proper quality of education and increasing the competitiveness of graduates by improving the material base; introducing new forms and methods of teaching; enlarging the circle of international activity and international scientific relations; holding international scientific-practical conferences; strengthening cooperation with local authorities and business structures.

The tasks of the department:

- implementation of innovative educational technologies, modern forms of distant learning, publishing of textbooks and manuals, replenishment of databases of electronic textbooks, methodical manuals and auxiliary materials for students of full-time and part-time forms of education;

- promotion of the skills and practical abilities development and students’ creative independent work stimulation;

- improvement of professional and practical training of students, technology for providing with knowledge, skills and competences that make them competitive in the labor market: active social partnership with employers on the basis of long-term cooperation agreements, attraction of practical workers to the educational process, in particular, carrying out of practical and seminar classes, occupations in production, manuals of production practice, participation in scientific conferences, seminars, round tables;

- development of international cooperation with foreign higher educational institutions.

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