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Entrant 2019

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Vadym Tatarinov

Director, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Docent


The Director of the Institute realizes the implementation of resolutions, orders and instructions of the government, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Academic Council of the University of Alfred Nobel;

manages the educational, scientific, economic and financial activities of the educational institution in accordance with the Educational Institution Statute and the Law of Ukraine;

defines the strategy, goals and objectives of the educational institution, decides on the programme planning of its work;

arranges the work of the Academic Council of the institution, the Directorate, the educational, research and other departments and supervises their activities;

takes responsibility for the successful work of the Institute as a whole on the education and training of students, strengthening their health and physical development;

carries out opportune and qualitative prospective and current planning of the institute functioning, supervises the implementation of planned activities;

implements the achievements of pedagogical science and advanced pedagogical experience in the activities of the Institute, organizes the creative work of the teaching staff;

creates favorable conditions for educational work, the use of technical means of training, ensuring safety, compliance with the sanitary-hygienic regime at the Institute;

ensures the Institute's links with the educational authorities, local self-government and public organizations.


Yuliia Zavoloka

Deputy Director for Quality Assurance in Higher Education

Yuliia Zavoloka – Candidate of Economic Sciences, Docent, Associate Professor of the Department of International Economic Relations, Administration and Language Training.

The sphere of scientific interests –financial assistance problems of the country's economy investment development.

The main aim of the Deputy Director for Quality Assurance in Higher Education Activity is organization, management and control of the educational process at the institute.


Volodymyr Bondar

Deputy Director for General Affairs

Everything started with the organization of the economic service. Petro Sokurenko was appointed Deputy Director of Economic Affairs.

The tasks of the service include: security of premises, their repair, provision of rooms and cabinets by furniture, telephone communication, supply of stationery, goods necessary for cleaning and repairing premises, as well as many other duties.

Since March 2009, Volodymyr Bondar has been appointed Deputy Director for General Affairs.



Phone number: 75-80-01

Address: 39623, Ukraine, Kremenchuk, Prospect Svobody, 79,




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