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All the pride of the teacher is in the pupils, in the growth of seeds sown by him.


Alfred Nobel University

Borys Kholod – the President of the Alfred Nobel University, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Full Member of the European Rectors' Club.

The history of the Kremenchug Institute of Alfred Nobel University dates back to 1998. Then, the Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Borys Kholod, the Rector of Dnipropetrovsk Academy of Management, Business and Law (DAMBL), with  the support of the Avtozavodsk District Executive Committee of Kremenchuk, established in our city a structural subdivision with the name Kremenchuk Affiliate of the Dnipropetrovsk Academy of Management, Business and Law.

Since then, fundamental changes have taken place at the basic institution of higher education:

  • In December 2001, due to the entrance to the European educational level, the Dnipropetrovsk Academy of Management, Business and Law became the Dnipropetrovsk University of Economics and Law (DUEL), and the Kremenchuk Affiliate, respectively, – the Kremenchuk Institute of Dnipropetrovsk University of Economics and Law (KI DUEL).
  • In May 2005, DUEL was accredited as a whole at the highest level IV.
  • In September 2007, B. Kholod personally signed the Grand Charter of Universities in Bologna (Italy).
  • In October 2010 for the outstanding achievements in the development of the global Nobel movement, Dnipropetrovsk University of Economics and Law received the honorary name of Alfred Nobel.
  • In May 2011 Dnipropetrovsk Alfred Nobel University of Economics and Law received the international certificates of the quality management system conformity with the requirements of the world ISO 9001: 2008 standard.
  • In September 2011, DUEL got the status of a classical university and changed its name to the Dnipropetrovsk Alfred Nobel University. This once again confirmed the status of the University as a generally recognized NATIONAL LEADER IN THE HIGHER EDUCATION OF UKRAINE.

Today, the Kremenchuk Institute of Alfred Nobel University is a LEADER OF ECONOMIC EDUCATION IN THE REGION.

Kremenchuk Institute of Alfred Nobel University

Given below chronicle of the main events from the life of the Institute reflects the dynamics of its constant development.

The Heads of an Educational Institution at different times were:

  • Marat Zaliesov – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, from 1998 to 2004, Director of the Kremenchuk Affiliate of Dnipropetrovsk Academy of Management, Business and Law;
  • Valentyn Lisovenko – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor (2004 – 2005);
  • Yevhenii Zaitsev – Candidate of Physics and Mathematics (2006 – 2008);
  • Petro Sokurenko – Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor (2009 – 2017).

Petro Sokurenko – Director of Kremenchuk Institute of Alfred Nobel University (2009 – 2017), Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, Academician of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine.


The first years of the Institute's activity are the period of formation, establishment of traditions and acquisition of experience in various fields.

Everything started from scratch. It concerned the solution of problems of personnel formation, creation of the material and technical base of the Institute, organization of its structural subdivisions. One of the first and most important was the Faculty of Retraining and Advanced Training.

It was a favorable time for development: the state allocated funds for retraining citizens for them to get the second higher education. The Faculty work had two very important aspects: cash receipts greatly helped in the establishment of an educational institution, at the same time attracting attention as an institution providing qualitative educational services.

Any company, institution or organization begins with a team that from the first day of the establishment created an atmosphere of work of exuberance and creative search.

The staff of the institute

Creative search is the collective state of the staff. As a result, the opening of new specialties (since 1998 the departments of enterprise economics, accounting and auditing, finance, marketing, foreign languages, since 2003 – economic cybernetics, and in 2004 – international economics have already worked). Another important direction is the development of science. In 1999 the first scientific conference of students and young scientists of the Kremenchuk Affiliate of Dnipropetrovsk Academy of Business and Law was held at the appropriate level. Annual scientific conferences became traditional, the level of participants – the number of doctors of sciences, candidates of sciences, the quality of the submitted materials – constantly increased. Subsequently, in 2005, the conferences became international. Along with the representatives of higher educational institutions of different regions of Ukraine, their participants were students and teachers from Poland, Russia, Belarus. The peculiarity of the Institute is that from the first days of functioning here the principle of systematic organization of the educational process for different categories: students, students and students is respected. The Institute actively trains schoolchildren of Kremenchuk, Svitlovodsk, Komsomolsk, Kremenchuk and other districts for admission to higher educational institutions at preparatory courses and business classes. The next step is to train students in order to obtain the necessary knowledge, professional skills and a degree. An important work as one of the links of the system is provided by the Retraining and Advanced Training Center. It is here where the specialists, who either do not have a job in the specialty or have not found themselves in the previously chosen profession, get education demanded by the labor market. Together with the Poltava and Kirovohrad District Employment Center, Kremenchuk Regional Employment Center, it provides social assistance programs for the unemployed, providing the opportunity for this category of people to increase (change) qualification in different modern business directions.

Today the institute prepares specialists in the following specialties:

- Translation

- Economic Cybernetics

 - International Economics

- Enterprise Economy

 - Marketing

- Finance and Credit

 - Banking

 - Social work

 - Management

Training of highly skilled specialists in Kremenchuk Institute of Alfred Nobel University is possible thanks to the introduction of the European standards of education. In 2005 the Institute was the first university in Kremenchuk where the introduction of the Bologna system began.

The educational activity of Kremenchuk Institute of Alfred Nobel University is based on a thorough study of the situation on the labor market and directions of training of higher educational institutions and secondary specialized institutions in the region.

The Institute pays special attention to the informational and technical support of the educational process. Seven study rooms are equipped with modern computers, multimedia complexes and software. In addition, there is one linguaphone multimedia class for the study of foreign languages. The University's local network and unrestricted access to the information resources of the Internet and Intranet can increase the information content of training sessions in special, linguistic and other disciplines. By means of computer audio, video courses, role and business games, case studies, individual and group short and long term training projects, master classes by highly skilled specialists of enterprises and institutions of Kremenchuk, professional disciplines are studied.

Within the framework of automation of management of Kremenchuk Institute of Alfred Nobel University on the principles of educational administering within the information system "1С: Enterprise 8.2" in the configuration "Accounting for Ukraine" there is a constant technological, informational and methodical support for the work of the admissions committee, the training center , departments, accounting department; there are automated work places of the director and the deputies.

The Institute publishes educational-methodical literature and fully provides the educational process of the disciplines of the specialty in the licensed areas of training (specialties).

The Library Fund of the University is bar coded and has more than 180 thousand copies, is systematically updated by foreign and domestic educational and scientific literature. Periodicals include 118 magazines , 26 newspapers. The Institute has a Library Fund of more than 17 thousand copies. Periodicals include: 19 magazines, 6 newspapers. The level of providing students with textbooks and tutorials meets current requirements. The library is equipped with an automated computer library system and access to the Internet (Wi-Fi in reading rooms). The automated control systems "Institute" and "Library" allow to accumulate in electronic form textbooks, manuals, application packages, legislative, instructional, normative, reference, methodological and other materials; to use them effectively in the educational process and in the preparation of coursework and diploma papers; allow to improve the conduct and control of the educational process.

The Library of the Institute is a treasury of spiritual achievements

The Institute is in the process of continuous search for the latest technologies of the educational process, its organization, etc. In recent years, more than 10 innovative projects have been launched and implemented, in particular, mass application of computer and multimedia equipment in the educational process; introduction of computer testing for all forms of control; reorganization of the management of the educational institution in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001: 2008 "Quality management systems" in relation to the provision of educational services; introduction of an internal system of evaluation of individual training areas and structural units of the Institute; creation of the Public Council for the assessment of professional competences of graduates with the participation of employers and representatives of business organizations in Kremenchuk and the Center for Quality Management.

In May 2014, the Kremenchuk Institute of Alfred Nobel University received a certificate of compliance with the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001: 2009 (ISO 9001: 2008 IDT).

Certificate for the quality management system DSTU ISO 9001: 2009 (ISO 9001: 2008 IDT)


The unique phenomenon in the region's higher education system is the creation of the Public Council for the Assessment of the Quality of Education at the Institute, which unites very respectable people and leaders of the enterprises and institutions known in the region and Ukraine. The Public Council for the Assessment of the Quality of Education actively cooperates with the Career Center the purpose which is to organize the practice, internship and placement of graduates of the Institute.

The Public Council for the Assessment of the Quality of Education


Compliance with the high requirements of European standards of education creates the proper preconditions for another successful passing of state accreditation of already existing areas of training. Obtaining the status of a classical university by Alfred Nobel University made preparation for the opening of new directions (specialties) the first priority.

The Institute received licenses for Management and Administration and Social Work directions. Training foreign citizens in accredited areas of training are also licensed. Their substantial increase became possible thanks to powerful potential of the lecturers of the Institute who have academic degrees and academic titles of the relevant direction and considerable work experience.

The status of the regional economic education leader Kremenchuk Institute got thanks to a truly outstanding achievements. The Institute has one of the best informational support for the educational process in the region. The Institute has got a unified automated management system of educational process, a unique electronic library and a system of distant education. The lecturers of the Institute use the most advanced teaching technologies. Being constantly concerned about personnel quality, the administration of the Kremenchuk Institute of Alfred Nobel University created a powerful scientific potential, which allowed to unite the creative forces of the region around educational, economic, public and social initiatives of the Institute: prominent sportsmen, educators, scientists, educational managers, government officials and heads of various economic institutions and enterprises. Thus, the sports complex is headed by Volodymyr Kyselov, the Olympic champion, Honored Master of Sports.

The activity of Kremenchuk Institute of Alfred Nobel University is aimed at studying the peculiarities and trends of the formation and development of market relations in Ukraine.

Scientific activity of Kremenchuk Institute of Alfred Nobel University is based on the comprehensive scientific research on the topic “Theoretical and methodological principles of regional economic development in the conditions of social partnership”.

The Institute’s staff, researching the scientific problems of some important branches of economy and social life, carry out a scientific analysis of problems of entrepreneurship, lending, investment, economic modeling, innovative pedagogy, profile education, professional and pre-professional training, the formation of competences, interactive methods of teaching, lexical borrowing.

In recent years 15 professors and 3 doctoral dissertations have been prepared and defended by the lecturers of the Institute. Today, 3 teachers work on doctoral dissertations, 6 candidates are nominated for candidate's theses. Students of the academic degree are actively working on the development of topical problems of the national economy, pedagogy and philology.

According to the results of scientific research, the teaching staff of the Institute prepared and published 12 monographs, 4 textbooks (1 of them – with the stamp “Recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine”), more than 25 author's methods of student knowledge control, more than 550 methodological instructions from all disciplines. The educational process is provided with 100% methodical and teaching materials.

Due to the current trends in the educational sector, the work of the Institute's teachers in international science-computer databases (Scopus, Kopernicus etc.) is gaining importance.

According to the results of the implementation of the preliminary comprehensive research theme of the Institute “Methodological Support for the Acceleration of the Socio-Economic Development of the Kremenchug Biosphere Region”, a collective monograph “Theoretical and Methodological Principles of Accelerating the Processes of the Socio-Economic Development of the Region” was published in the general wording of Petro Sokurenko.

Kremenchug Institute of Alfred Nobel University is an active participant of international youth projects and forums. Students of the Institute have repeatedly met foreign diplomats at embassies of foreign countries in Ukraine, heads of departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and representatives of international organizations.

Today the Institute co-operates in the educational and scientific spheres with foreign higher educational institutions and develops partnerships with the higher schools of economics in this direction (Bydhoshch, Poland), Technical University (Varna, Bulgaria), Rostov State Economic University, Baranovichi State University (Belarus).

Kremenchug Institute of Alfred Nobel University clearly defines the public and social component of its activities and effectively cooperates with Kremenchuk local self-government bodies in these matters.

For example, in 2009, one of the first higher educational institutions of Ukraine, with the support of the city authorities, the Kremenchug Institute of Alfred Nobel University, created the Third Age University, the main purpose of which is to raise the education of adults and develop the spiritual and intellectual capabilities of Ukrainian society.

Signing the agreement on the establishment of the Third Age University


In 2012 the Institute with the support of the city authorities, personally the mayor of the city Oleh Babayev, has successfully launched another social project – creating conditions for the training of students with disabilities.

Official presenting of student cards for students with physical  disabilities


A unique place among the social projects of the Institute belongs to the only in the region school of creative development of the person “Prometheus”. It has become the basis for the development and deepening of partnership between teachers and students, which makes young people feel involved with all the events that take place at the Institute. Thus, the Head of the Student Self-government is officially a member of the Directorate, the Head of the Student's Scientific Society – a member of the Academic Council of the higher educational institution.

The largest educational, socio-economic and public regional project of Kremenchug Institute of Alfred Nobel University is the educational district “Scientific-educational complex of multi-level continuous education” “Professional education of the region” that united 25 educational institutions of Poltava and Kirovohrad regions and is designed for 25 years and more in order to improve the socio-economic life of Kremenchuk (Order of the Ministry of Education and science, youth and sports of Ukraine from 14.10.2011, № 1193).

Board members of the scientific and educational complex of multi-level continuing education "Profile education of the region"

The Institute has created all the conditions for the development of student self-government, the main task of which is to protect the rights and interests of students, the development of their educational, scientific and creative activities. Student Council has its own traditions, checked by time. They are a systematic monitoring of the academic success of groups and students, the organization of charity events and participation in the city events (“St. Nicholas for children”, “From Heart to heart”, “For the united Ukraine” etc.), annual competitions “Miss of Kremenchuk Institute of Alfred Nobel University”, “Mister of Kremenchuk Institute of Alfred Nobel University”, competition for the KVN Cup of the Director of the Institute etc.

Our students are our pride

For over 20 years the Kremenchuk Institute of Alfred Nobel University has trained more than 10000 specialists in such spheres as: business economics, accounting and auditing, marketing, philology (translation), economic cybernetics, international economics, finance and banking.

Graduates of the Institute are its pride. They take a worthy place in the public and economic life of the city, region, Ukraine, work in the executive branch, municipal authorities, heads of structural divisions of large enterprises, heads of small and medium enterprises, financial institutions, leading specialists of many enterprises. With their successful work they improve the socio-economic life of Kremenchuk.

All was experienced in these years: ups and downsides, success and bitterness from failed projects. But there has always been a belief in the healthy forces of the team, its overwhelming corporate spirit and the hope that we and our like-minded colleagues can cope with everything and the best times are ahead.


We are united!

  Our goal is education throughout the life!


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