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Entrant 2019

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Mission, purpose and tasks



The mission of the educational district “Scientific-educational complex of higher education “Professional education of the region” is to cultivate socio-economic, cultural and spiritual life of Kremenchuk region and Ukraine at the expense of creating a unified continuous profile educational system in the Kremenchuk biosphere region.


The aim of the educational district “Scientific-educational complex of higher education “Professional education of the region” is to create a unified continuous profile educational system that would combine institutions of different types and levels: from general educational to higher, on the one hand, with enterprises and institutions in the region, as public customers of highly skilled professionals, on the other.


The tasks of the educational district “Scientific-educational complex of higher education “Professional education of the region”:

  • introduction of continuous educational activity, which includes educational, scientific, cultural, methodical activity, the basic principles of which are humanism and democracy, freedom and responsibility, justice, priority of universal values, organic connection with national history;
  • formation of a socially mature, creative personality, characterized by patriotism, civic position, self-esteem, readiness for work, constant improvement of knowledge, responsibility for destiny, fate of society, state and humanity;
  • upbringing of mentally and physically healthy generation of conscious citizens of the Ukrainian State;
  • definition of perspective directions of specialists training in conditions of continuous education, capable of new economic thinking, creatively active, with a high level of professional training, possessing modern methods and technical means for the fulfillment of their duties;
  • improvement of scientific organization and methodical provision of the educational process, dissemination of advanced teaching methods aimed at creative thinking and autonomy development of those who are studying, intensifying the educational process through the introduction of new information technologies;
  • training according to the state orders and contractual obligations to legal entities and individuals of highly qualified specialists for education, science, culture, industry, agricultural, financial and human rights bodies, governing bodies, which would combine high professional competence and general culture;
  • satisfaction of the personality needs in intellectual, physical, cultural and spiritual development, in obtaining secondary and higher education and qualifications in the chosen field of activity;
  • ensuring gradual and developing nature of teaching, harmonious combination of integrity, variability and individualization of the content and the forms of education;
  • provision of conditions for the acquisition of knowledge about man, nature and society;
  • ensuring the acquisition by the students of physical health complex, high level of spiritual culture, knowledge in a certain field, preparation of their adherence to higher education and professional activity;
  • preparation of young people for independent professional, scientific, teaching, other creative work;
  • postgraduate education, advanced training and retraining;
  • preparation for admission to higher educational establishments of schools and other educational establishments graduates;
  • organization and carrying out in close connection with the educational process of fundamental, search, applied scientific research and development work as the basis for the training of future specialists and scientific, technical and cultural development of the state;
  • providing consultations to legal entities and individuals;
  • certification of scientific, scientific-pedagogical and pedagogical personnel;
  • dissemination of scientific knowledge among the population, development of its general cultural level;
  • cultural and educational, publishing, financial and economic, scientific and production commercial activity;
  • interaction with other educational institutions at the regional, national and international levels, implementation of foreign relations.

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