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University of the Third Age




The history of the University of the Third Age began on January 12, 2009.

The University of “Golden Age” was founded in Kremenchuk as one of the first one in Ukraine. This is a joint project of Kremenchuk City Council, Avtozavod District Council and Kremenchuk Institute of Dnipropetrovsk Alfred Nobel University.

The course of study at the University lasts for one year. Education for the elderly at the university is an assistance to spend free time, gain additional knowledge, share thoughts, expand communication and interests. It’s an active leisure.

The course programme will include topics related to theoretical knowledge on studying the problems of senior people, health protection, organization of life, legal literacy, the ability to use modern communication and information technologies, leisure activities, etc.

Questions concerning the premises, methodological and educational base and educational process were solved with the assistance of the director of Kremenchuk Institute of Dnipropetrovsk Alfred Nobel University, Sokurenko Petro Ivanovych. In order to be of interest to the students, the educational process of the higher educational institution is carried out on the basis of the proposals of the students themselves, according to individual possibilities, interests, inclinations taking into account their age and health status. Classes are conducted using various organizational forms of work – lectures, meetings, excursions, etc.

The University was created within the framework of the social work programme for pensioners of Avtozavodsk District Council.

The University cooperates closely with German non-governmental organization “DVV International”, which provided the University with the 3rd year financial support in the framework of targeted social assistance for excursions, training and the purchase of stationery.

“The University solves the main problem of the elderly. They get communication and do not feel unnecessary”.

It is a support and care project that teaches you to love and appreciate yourself at any age. By the way, the students admit that they escape from loneliness. And for many of them, this is the only place where you can communicate, find friends and, there is no sense to to conceal, a new love. After such confessions, it is time to change the proverb to the new one: the old age is a joy, isn't it?


The Protocol of intentions as for the creation of the Educational Establishment between the Executive Committee of Kremenchuk City Council, the Executive Committee of Avtozavodsk District Council, Dnipropetrovsk University of Economics and Law, and Kremenchuk Institute of Dnipropetrovsk University of Economics and Law.




The purpose of the Universitys activity is to overcome stereotypical perceptions of the elderly as a passive segment of the market economy and only the consumer of the material resources of the state.


Basic principles of the University:

- to support the physical, psychological and social abilities of senior people;

- promoting the creation of opportunities for education, training and development of the older generation;

- promoting the development of dialogue between generations;

- involve the resources of the older generation people in order to improve the quality of their own lives and active participation in community life;

- to create opportunities for lifelong learning for people who have already retired;

- to correlate learning with the requirements and needs of the present day;

- the pleasure of learning.

Solemn Opening of the University of the Third Age in 2009






The University of the Third Age Has Its Own Anthem and Flag

“It is Never Too Late to Learn” - the motto of the students  of the University of the Third Age

Solemn Opening of the Academic Year


Studying at the University is conducted under the auspicious patronage of the director of Kremenchuk Institute of Dnipropetrovsk Alfred Nobel University, Sokurenko Petro Ivanovych.

Curators of educational faculties from the territorial center of social service of Avtozavod district


After graduation students receive diplomas, which show their achievements throughout the period of study (1 year).

The first 148 graduates of the University of the Third Age received diplomas



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