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In the modern world it’s impossible even to imagine the effective functioning of any enterprise, company, organization, firm without a marketer, because he is a  key figure in successful business. Well-established production, the new technics, technologies and the latest achievements of know-how – all these will not give the desired effect without the basic component of the business mechanism – a well-developed marketing programme, because marketing sets the movement worldwide. Marketing is a major area of modern business. Marketing is a multifaceted concept that includes a set of important elements of modern business, but also it’s simple. And the specialty “marketer” is always such that provides career growth, is fashionable, prestigious and high-paying.

 A marketer is needed at every enterprise, but there are not enough qualified specialists in this field. This explains the great demand for graduates of the specialty “Marketing”. Therefore, choosing “Marketing” you get the assurance of successful employment and professional growth. It is marketing education that most fully meets the requirements of career growth: the higher the managerial position, the more important is the marketing knowledge.

Now any industry, enterprise, organization need specialists who will help maximize profits, improve the range of products of the enterprise, establish relationships with intermediaries and consumers, enter new markets. The marketer is the indispensable specialist who can answer the main question: what the consumer wants. And no wonder they say that the marketer is a specialist of the 21st century.

Special departments of marketing (management) function at the enterprises. They employ marketers in the following areas: brand managers; marketing research specialists; specialists in logistics and commodity pricing; marketing analysis and planning specialists; advertising and PR professionals, etc. Marketing specialists carry out organizational-economic, managerial and scientific activity in enterprises, in trade organizations, supply and marketing services, consulting and advertising firms; they plan marketing activities of the enterprise in the domestic and international markets. Marketing specialists can provide consulting services in the organization of marketing research, development of business plans, innovative projects. Upon graduation, marketing graduates successfully solve a set of market research and sales forecasts; provide a solid foundation for successful business operations of businesses and marketing orientation firms. The completed course of study allows graduates to successfully work as managers and marketing directors of market economy objects. Nowadays the sector of specialized companies is rapidly developing – advertising agencies (the market of advertising services in Ukraine is constantly growing), organizers of PR-campaigns, consulting firms, etc.

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