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Entrant 2019

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Treasury of mental achievements

A good library is a bookish reflection of the universe.


The library fund was mainly formed in 2001-2008.

The analysis of the provision of the departments disciplines has shown that the index is 85-90%. The academic disciplines of the finance, accounting and audit department; economics, marketing, social work and economic cybernetics department; international economics, management and economic theory department; English philology and translation department are well-provided with the textbooks. The subject of the library and the institute staff pride are translation dictionaries, their diversity. In the subsequent years, the literature is being replenished with new editions, depending on changes in educational programmes and the introduction of new academic disciplines.

The fund of textbooks, manuals, brochures, periodicals consists of nearly 17 thousand items.

In the library students can get a manual, and this is very convenient because in one place they can use both methodological materials and the recommended in them educational literature.

The main tasks of the library:

  • formation of the library fund in accordance with the higher educational establishment profile;
  • provision of library services, meeting the information needs of the readers;
  • raising the readers information culture, developing their skills to use a book and the library;
  • promoting the upbringing of a harmonious, morally perfect person, open to intellectual, mental creative development.

Periodicals offered by the library to the users:

Topical Problems of the Economy

Marketing in Ukraine

Foreign Literature

The Economist

Ukraine’s Economy

The Economy. Finance. Law.

Foreign Languages

Finance of Ukraine

Ukrainian Pedagogical Journal

Social Protection

The Voice of Ukraine

Pedagogy and Psychology. Thee Herald of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine

A child with special needs. Inclusive Education. Defectology. Correctional Pedagogy (Kharkiv)

Social Teacher

Library is not only a place of getting the literature. It is the book temple where you will be listened, advised, assisted both by a word and a deed, supported in revealing your deeply hidden abilities.

Head of the library – Liubov Porkina

Address: Kremenchuk, Prospect Svobody, 79




In order to form students professional competencies, improve the quality of academic and educational processes, the Department of Information Technologies (DIT) provides the access to the latest information and telecommunication technologies.

In the process of learning, students of all forms of training and the retraining center can use the resources of the Electronic-virtual library of teaching materials: educational and teaching materials on academic disciplines, electronic versions of textbooks, manuals, articles, etc.

The advantages of the E-library usage:

  • sufficient enlargement of the information field for obtaining reference, educational and scientific information;
  • the opportunity to work with electronic information resources and materials of the relevant term courses, which have been developed by the teachers of the institute at any convenient time.


In order to get the access through the Internet a student has to register as a user in the DIT (room 1105) or call the institute at (05366) 5-38-50 (internal telephone 230) and provide the workers with the personal data.

After registration a student gets the login, password and the explanation by his/her own e-mail.

The permit is canceled due to the violation of the rules or graduation (exclusion) from the Kremenchug Institute of Higher Educational Establishment "Alfred Nobel University".


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