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Entrant 2019

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International Economic Relations

International economy is considered to be an elite in a group of economic specialties. A modern specialist in international economic relations must know all aspects of the development of the world economy, in the sphere of international commodity and money relations, development of the investment market and effective investment of assets, protect the economic interests of enterprises in international transactions, support legal regulation of international trade and have high skills in conducting international operations.

Studying the complex of disciplines, focused on international aspects, provides training of specialists able to carry out in practice international trading and marketing, investment, financial and monetary, credit, accounting and analytical, audit, insurance activities.

Profound economic training is combined with in-depth learning of one, and, if it is desired, two foreign languages. The graduate is given a certificate “Of the perfect command of a foreign language”.

Advantages of studying in the specialty ”International Economic Relations”:

  • high level of professional knowledge;
  • practice and possible employment at the leading enterprises of the city and region;
  • perfect English proficiency, learning 2 foreign languages;
  • opportunity to work both in private companies engaged in foreign economic activity and in the civil service;
  • studying of disciplines of managerial and financial profile allows to get a job in any company regardless of its field of activity (banks, insurance companies, many of which are part of international groups, customs service authorities, manufacturing enterprises, hotels, trade, tourism);
  • a specialist in international economic relations will become a highly regarded employee in the sphere of international business, management, marketing, finance.


  • government structures: ministries and departments related to the organization and regulation of foreign economic activity;
  • non-state entities related to foreign economic activity (for example, Chamber of Commerce);
  • commercial structures entering the external market or import-dependent on goods and services;
  • legal companies providing services to Ukrainian and foreign firms in the sphere of trade policy;
  • international departments of state and commercial banks;
  • insurance companies, travel companies, at joint and foreign enterprises, in foreign representations of Ukraine of all forms of ownership.



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