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Entrant 2019

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Finance, Banking and Insurance

Finance, Banking and Insuranceis one of the main specialties of the economic direction. The specialty program focuses on training of skilled professionals for the financial system of the state, which must objectively assess the economic processes that take place in the society, understand the essence and tendencies of development of financial relations and their features in the sphere of public finances, international finance and finance of business units, work out and solve issues of financial system development.

Students graduating from the Institute in the field of Finance, Banking and Insurance receive the necessary amount of knowledge and practical skills to work:

  • in the Accounting Chamber, the Ministry of Finance;
  • in territorial financial institutions;
  • in the State Customs Service;
  • in control financial institutions;
  • in insurance organizations;
  • in audit firms;
  • in state extrabudgetary funds;
  • in financial departments and accounting services of commercial organizations.

Graduates may hold positions:

  • Financial Director of the enterprise;
  • Head of Financial Management;
  • Trader;
  • Head of Financial Department;
  • Financial Analyst;
  • Finance Manager;
  • Senior Specialist of the department (administration, border), etc.

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