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Entrant 2019

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Economics of Enterprise

Economics of Enterprise is an organic combination of economic activity and results, the management of the enterprise as a whole, the science of management.

“Economics of Enterprise” is one of the main specialties in the field of knowledge of professional training in the direction “Economics and Entrepreneurship”. Within it, theoretical and practical aspects of the economic activity of enterprises and organizations are studied.

Specialization: economics of enterprise

Advantages of specialty “Economics of Enterprise”:

- high level of professional knowledge;

- professional training and possible employment at the leading enterprises of the city and region;

- the opportunity to work both in private companies engaged in economic activities, and in the state service;

- study of disciplines of managerial and economic profile allows you to get a job in any company, regardless of its field of activity (production, technical, project departments, marketing services, power engineering, main mechanics and other structural divisions);

- specialist in economics occupies an important place in the structure of all enterprises of small, medium and large businesses of different forms of ownership, organizations and institutions that operate in the economic system management.


Job place:

- planning economist;

- economist on accounting and analysis of economic activity;

- finance economist;

- labour economist;

- sales economist;

- consultant counselor;

- economist of contractual and pretentious work;

- economist of material and technical supply;

- economic research assistant and others.

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