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Entrant 2019

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Accounting and Taxation

Accounting and Taxation Specialty will open the basis of the formation of economic information used in the management of the enterprise and also will provide a unique opportunity to receive modern education combining knowledge of financier and economist, analyst and auditor, manager and researcher. Such knowledge is necessary both for a manager and a private entrepreneur.

Accountant and taxation specialist can work at enterprises of different forms of ownership:

  • joint-stock companies;
  • joint ventures;
  • concerns, insurance companies;
  • banks;
  • financial inspections;
  • tax authorities;
  • national and international auditing firms;
  • research organizations and higher educational establishments;
  • state institutions (city and district administrations, hospitals, schools, military units, etc.).

on positions:

  • Financial Director;
  • Chief Accountant;
  • Accountant-Auditor;
  • Accountant-cashier;
  • Head of the audit firm;
  • Economist;
  • Forensic Accounting Expert;
  • Tax Inspector;
  • Financial Analyst;
  • Anti-crisis Issues Consultant;
  • Investment Management Specialist;
  • Account Specialist of insurance companies, banking institutions, state social insurance funds;
  • Accountant in the State Tax Administration and the Tax Police;
  • Head of Small Business.

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